Innovative Intellectual Property Strategies for Today’s Leading Products

We understand the intense global competition consumer product manufacturers face. Our extensive experience in this market—including serving as in-house counsel—provides us the in-depth knowledge and insight to create strategies that maximize the value of our clients’ IP portfolios.

Our highly-skilled legal team has expertise across a wide range of consumer product categories, from electronics and tools to household products and sporting goods.

Our Approach Includes

  • Provide strategic analysis of commercially important IP assets.
  • Counsel clients to develop effective enforcement strategies to capitalize on IP investments.
  • Advise clients on best practices to defend against assertion by others.
  • Analyze and prioritize core technology elements to focus patent filings on the most valuable and protectable assets.
  • Collaborate with clients to develop product design protection strategies. 
  • Provide comprehensive IP support, including licensing, budget forecasting, and analysis.
  • Protect valuable brands with strategic trademark counseling, clearance, and portfolio management.

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