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The Ordinary Observer Reaches 100,000 Views

Keith F. Noe

We are pleased to announce that The Ordinary Observer®, a leading blog that analyzes cases, policies and legislative activity impacting the field of design patent law, has reached a milestone with 100K views.

“When we started The Ordinary Observer in 2010, our goal was to educate others on the value of design patent rights and to have some fun with the peculiarities of design patent law. I am extremely proud of our team in creating a blog that exceeds our original goals” remarks partner Keith Noe, a founding member of the blog.

“When people are considering ways to protect their intellectual property assets, design patents are often overlooked,” explained associate William Seymour. “Most people do not realize that, in addition to utility patent, trademark, or copyright protection, design patents also may be obtained. Design patents are relatively inexpensive and give the owner a 14 year term on a wide variety of products, from industrial machinery to computer icons to everyday consumer goods. If someone infringes the patent, the owner also is entitled to recover unique remedies, including an award of the infringer’s total profits.” The editorial team looks forward to expanding the readership of the blog, which takes its name from the century-old approach by which courts determine the scope of protection to which a design patent is entitled. For more information on L&A’s design patent practice, please visit our website.

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