Safeguarding Rights to Your Valuable Creative Work

Copyright law can be an extremely complex component of intellectual property law. L&A attorneys have the passion and knowledge to help clients understand those intricacies, and to defend their valuable copyrighted assets. We take the time to understand how clients’ copyrights fit into their overall business strategy, enabling our legal team to provide tailored protection and enforcement solutions that are both persuasive and dynamic.

Our Strategic Approach Includes

  • Helping prioritize copyright assets and develop a tailored intellectual property strategy that provides cost-effective protection in light of long-term business goals.
  • Guiding and supporting clients through the copyright registration process, including obtaining expedited registrations. 
  • Helping clients address the challenges posed by the Internet, including protecting domain names and ensuring compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). 
  • Collaborating with clients in the negotiation of valuable licensing agreements for their copyright assets. 
  • Advising clients on freelance and work for hire issues, and use or creation of open source assets. 
  • Providing international copyright solutions in partnership with a global network of trusted intellectual property foreign associates.  
  • Providing ongoing monitoring to protect copyrights from infringement and defend client copyrights and interests through litigation, when necessary.

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