Today, product design matters. Whether you are engineering the next smartphone, designing a new line of apparel, or developing a new app, it’s important to protect not only the functional aspects of your products but also their appearance. Savvy businesses know that design rights—including design patents, trade dress protection, and copyrights—are an important part of a robust intellectual property portfolio. Lando & Anastasi has extensive experience helping clients protect these valuable IP assets.

What we do

  • Work with clients to develop a design strategy that works with their existing design, development and marketing strategies
  • Help clients develop a broad design patent and trade dress portfolio directed to the distinctive elements of their product design, while maximizing their ability to combat future potential knock-off products
  • Secure design patent rights, both from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and internationally
  • Consult with clients regarding potential design patent assertions; when necessary, represent our clients in design patent and trade dress litigation
  • Perform design clearance searches and freedom to operate opinions

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