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Obtaining expert guidance early in the development of intellectual property can be pivotal to business success. Providing strategic counsel on intellectual property matters is at the heart of our legal practice. Our attorneys and legal professionals collaborate across technical disciplines.  We work together with our clients to understand their unique business imperatives, and to formulate the best approach to protecting their valuable assets. Our deep technical expertise combined with seasoned intellectual property law practice enables us to deliver innovative strategies and solutions that help clients avoid potential pitfalls and leverage their intellectual property to the fullest.

Our Strategic Approach Includes

  • Performing in-depth due diligence to help reduce potential liabilities, identifing new market opportunities, and confirming that IP protections are sufficient to support business goals.  
  • Positioning clients to find and successfully manage suitable partners for collaboration, acquisition, or licensure. 
  • Providing experienced counsel to protect products and proprietary trade secrets and business methods. 
  • Evaluating the intellectual property portfolios of potential business partners, investors, or licensees.

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