Pragmatic Protection of the Trade Secrets Behind Innovation

Trade secrets are a crucially important, yet often overlooked, dimension of a company’s intellectual property portfolio. Taking steps to protect proprietary secrets and business methods before misappropriation occurs is critical. Our legal team has extensive experience working with clients in various industries, including green technology, chemical and material sciences, electronics and more to practically identify and protect their valuable trade secrets. We have the know-how to create robust strategies that safeguard our clients’ trade secrets and assert their rights in court when necessary.

Our Successful Approach Includes

  • Helping to identify, evaluate, manage and value clients’ protectable trade secrets. 
  • Creating a a comprehensive trade secret protection plan, including consistent policies and access guidelines in alignment with the reasonable measures necessary to ensure protection. 
  • Crafting practicable non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements that include considerations for defensibility in court. 

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